Pigs Live @ Grease Manor

So there we were. Pulling into a Seattle coffee shop at 10 in the morning. A wet snow had fallen and we were all like...wtf.

We were tired. We drove out of Salt Lake City at about 11 the night before, each taking 4 hour shifts in order to increase our chances of survival. The piggyvan was pretty nasty by this point. One could tell it was meant to be black but the layers of road salt gave it this ghostly appearance.

Four road-weary pigs spill out of the phantom van into the Seattle snow and, honestly, it was kind of like a dream. We froggered across the street to get to a coffee shop/record store that also had beer (obviously what we needed). The rest is fuzzy - there was some bomb-ass Thai soup, a nap, maybe something else, and then all of a sudden we were at the venue playing a show.

But this post isn't about the show that night (although we had a hella fun time playing with the good people of Waking Things).

The next morning, on our way out of town, we were asked to play some stripped-down songs at Grease Manor. We only had to go to Portland so we obviously said yes. I think we're still in a bit of a fog during these recordings. But hey. That's rock and roll.