Thank you, TRX!

Your support helped us get to all of our tour destinations, which included:

Sacramento, CA
Reno, NV
Winnemucca, NV
Salt Lake City, UT
Colorado Springs, CO
Monument, CO
Fort Collins, CO
Denver, CO

And of course, back to San Francisco. We couldn't have done it without your support. We also really loved using the TRX gear.

Brand Support

We viewed this as a partnership and did our best to share the TRX brand and mission wherever we went. Instagram is our most popular platform and our Stories get great engagement. We posted a ton videos of us using the TRX gear on our band and personal Instagram accounts, typically while it was attached to our van.

Passersby got to see it in action, and a few even joined in!

Engagement with our posts and stories was solid. Fans and other bands were excited to see and hear about the partnership and to learn about the training system.

Alvie and the Breakfast Pigs at Hi Dive in Denver

We are also working on compiling tour footage into a video, which will also feature a lot from our TRX workouts. It's in the works, but we'll let you know when it's finished.

To summarize - thanks for giving us a shot to promote your brand and benefit from your gear. We told everyone about you guys and did our best to help get the word out. Y'all are awesome, and it's very cool that you're supporting a local rock and roll band.

We look forward to any opportunities for future partnerships. Please reach out if we can be of service in any way!

Rock on!
Alvie & the Breakfast Pigs