Alvie & the Breakfast Pigs third EP, Plastic Surgery, came out on August 31, 2018. It was recorded in their home city of San Francisco’s historic Hyde Street Studios, bunkered in the heart of the Tenderloin neighborhood. Appropriate, yes?

This record is seeping with snark and aggression, playfulness and annoyance, abdication and heroism. It’s the hurts-so-good breath after a pull of whiskey. It’s BDSM without a safe word.

The Pigs have been touring in support of this album throughout the latter half of 2018, delivering mug-melting musics to cities in the western United States.

The Breakfast Pigs are: Alvie Adams (guitar, vocals), Matt Logan (guitar, backing vocals), Brandon Eisenberg (bass), and Jake Natkin (drums). They play loud, fast rock & roll with serious injections of blues and punk. Rock & roll is not dead. That divine torch is in the hoggy hands of Alvie & the Breakfast Pigs.




"The band proves once again on its newest release (Plastic Surgery) that rock and roll is not dead; it's getting a turbo boost from a band that is rocking harder and better than ever." -Indie Rock Cafe, 5 Indie Rock Bands to Watch in 2018

"Alvie & the Breakfast Pigs delivers gritty garage rock emerging from the blues side of the blanket. There is a nod to the early school of rock a la Chuck Berry which can be distinctly heard on songs like “Women” without losing that modern edge, compliments of a snarky lyrical approach and a thick slice of weird." -YabYum

"Rock n roll is mean, unsafe and unpredictable, but that's what makes it so great.  Alvie and the Breakfast Pigs embrace this beast. So for those who like being wrapped in your warm cozy blankets, there's a never-ending cesspool of EDM DJ's and Three Mile Pilots out there to tickle your stodgy souls .  But for the rest of us that still like sweat, grit and fire in our music: Alvie and the Breakfast Pigs are here and ready to kick over some troughs." -Audio Ammunition

"Today they are still  loud and play the in your face trash blues rock you would  expect from some cool dudes eking out a musicians' existence in the Bay area. The best way to enjoy their music is to be listening with a beer in hand and shot ready.  Now that’s music to our ears." -Coming Up Mag




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Alvie Adams (602) 363-0476
Brandon Eisenberg (925) 575-0813


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"Loud, fast, melodic guitar lines undercut the speedy current and chaotic disarray of the landscape presented, musically capturing the feeling of powerlessness under the Trump administration."

Joshua Huver, discussing American Something
Joshua Huver, discussing American Something The Bay Bridged

"The four-track EP came out early in 2014, but it stayed with us throughout the rest of year. Combining bluesy rocknroll with punk for a sound more infused than purely fitted to the genre, Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs put their own spin on punk rather than re-hashing something we’ve already heard. Recorded at Bird Flu Kitchen Studios and featuring guest vocals by Kim Capria, Snake Headed Faceless Cowboy is a 2014 EP you should hear."

Snake Headed Faceless Cowboy in top 5 punk albums of 2014
Snake Headed Faceless Cowboy in top 5 punk albums of 2014 YabYum