Pig Dreams

You can be a part of the Pigs journey! No band survives without epic fans, and the fact that you’re here means you care about our music. We are lucky to have some of the most bad-ass, supportive, generous fans around. We can’t do it without you.

We’re asking you to help support the band so we can keep touring and making records. As you know, the music industry has changed dramatically over the last several years. The only way we get by is support from dedicated music fans like yourself. If you can, consider a monthly subscription or a one-time Ham Job to help us keep gas in the van and the recording light on.

For as little as $5/month, about a cup of coffee, you can be an honorary pig and a HUGE part of our story. When you subscribe, you will also get early access to releases, news, and other fun stuff from the band.

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